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Give your furry friend the best care! Explore premier dog daycare services in Valley Glen. Safe, fun, and loving environment for your beloved pets. Whether you’re busy with work or leisure, trust us to look after your furry friend with care!

The Premier Dog Daycare Serving Valley Glen

As the leading dog daycare in Valley Glen, we understand the difficulties of leaving your dog at home alone. The solitude can result in anxiety, unease, and even destructive behavior in dogs. This is exactly why we offer a loving environment where your cherished pet can channel their energy in positive ways.

With our care, dogs receive stimulating playtime, heartfelt affection, and constant attention from our dedicated team of dog enthusiasts. Additionally, we offer a range of boarding options, daycare plans, and grooming services, all crafted to make your dog’s stay with us exceptionally enjoyable and stress-free.

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Boarding Suite

Ensuring Tails Are Joyful

Our dog daycare in Valley Glen prioritizes the health and safety of your beloved pet above all. Our immaculate and lively establishment provides a dynamic, fully monitored environment for your dog, where safety is paramount!

Committed to delivering top-notch dog daycare services, our play areas are equipped with epoxy and beading to improve grip, presenting a gentle alternative to abrasive concrete and are cushioned to protect your dog’s joints. This state-of-the-art flooring offers a safe and comfortable space, especially beneficial for dogs with joint issues, hip pain, dysplasia, or other similar conditions.

With hospital-grade air purification systems in place, our facility ensures a clean and secure environment by effectively minimizing airborne contaminants. Your pet’s comfort is further enhanced by our climate-controlled indoor spaces, featuring large windows for an abundance of natural light.

Visit us to see firsthand why we’re the top choice for dog daycare in the area.

Moreover, our staff tailors the daycare environment to meet the varied needs of dogs. We organize play areas by energy level, creating separate zones for highly energetic dogs and more serene areas for those who are laid-back. Considering size, we provide different spaces for larger and smaller breeds, ensuring a cozy and inviting atmosphere for all dogs.

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Flexible Daycare Rates to Accommodate Your Needs

At Paw Haven, there's something for essentially everyone. We understand that every dog owner has different needs and requirements. For this reason, we have many daycare packages, boarding solutions, and services available. Also, we welcome multiple dogs; each additional dog is 10% off!


$45 Full Day

Full-Day Care is ideal for dogs that must attend daycare for more than 4 hours

$35 Half Day

Perfect for short stays of 4 hours or less

$15 Hourly Rate

Perfect for those seeking a flexible dog daycare.

*Each additional pet 10% off!

Full Day Packages
  • 5 Full Days: $15 Off
  • 10 Full Days: $40 Off
  • 20 Full Days: $100 Off
  • 30 Full Days: $200 Off
Half Day Packages
  • 10 Half Days: $310
  • 20 Half Days: $580

Checkout Time is 6pm Daily

*All packages expire 1 year after purchase. 

Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Howl For These Add-Ons!

Premium Grooming & Spa

When you arrive to pick up your furry friend, they will be looking clean and well-groomed after a session of grooming and indulgence!

Training & Tricks

Let us offer our support (or paw) in addressing your dog’s training needs, ranging from basic obedience to mastering new tricks.

Pup Transport

We’re happy to offer convenient transportation services for your pet to and from our location in the Valley Glen area.

Tail Shakin Treats

Your companion is in for an exceptional experience when you select our dog daycare in Valley Glen!

Custom Report Cards

Interested in monitoring your dog’s day-to-day activities? We offer report cards on demand to keep you in the loop!

Personal Playtime

To help your animal friend get accustomed to our environment, we dedicate time for them to build relationships with our team.

Walkin the Dog

We’ll ensure your buddy enjoys their daily walk and has ample opportunity to stretch out.

Let's Party!

Is there a significant event on the horizon for your four-legged companion? We’re thrilled to be part of celebrating their big day alongside you

Dog-Safe Desserts

Treat your dog to our delicious, owner-endorsed treats that are entirely safe for dogs to eat!

Medicine Care

Rest assured knowing that if your dog requires medication, our team is fully prepared to administer it during their stay. Just give us the details!

Overnight Guest Routine

Our white noise machines and soothing music are designed to foster a calming atmosphere for our guests.

Valley Glen provides a range of options for Dog Boarding and Doggy Daycare, and we’re here to assist! We’re eager to be your pet’s new favorite destination. Reach out to schedule your upcoming visit!

Requirements for Attendance

To ensure that all the dogs who attend our daycare are safe and healthy, Paw Haven has a few standards that must be met first. All dogs must meet the following standards:

  • Owners must fill out our application prior to attending dog daycare or boarding
  • All dogs must undergo a short (free) evaluation
  • All dogs must be on a current flea medication
  • All dogs must be on a current flea medication
  • All dogs must be current on their shots or have titer tests to show immunity to Leptospirosis, Distemper,  Bordetella, and Rabies
Additional Info

Before your dog’s initial visit to Paw Haven, we suggest bringing your pup for a pre-visit to our daycare. Doing this a day before your planned stay allows your dog to get comfortable with our environment. This initial visit is crucial for us to understand your furry companion better, helping us to tailor the ideal boarding package for both of you. Choose Paw Haven in Reseda for a dog daycare experience filled with fun and exciting activities – it’s a true paradise for your pet! End your search for the perfect kennel or dog daycare near you by booking your buddy’s next stay at the Paw Haven hotel.

For more details or to arrange a visit, please get in touch with us. We’re here to provide an unforgettable stay for your pet!



Can dogs benefit from attending daycare?

Absolutely! We highly recommend that pet owners explore their options when they need to be away for work or vacation. Minimizing stress and anxiety for your dog is our priority. Let us provide a positive space for your pup to be their true self, socialize, and avoid any negative behaviors.

What kinds of activities will my dog participate in while at Paw Haven daycare?

At Paw Haven, we strive to create a paradise for your pooch! Our indoor play spaces are filled with an abundance of toys, spacious roaming areas, and exciting equipment, making playtime seem endless!

We cater to all dogs by offering diverse playgroup options, like separating the more energetic, larger dogs from the smaller ones. Yet, dogs of every size and temperament will thoroughly enjoy playtime, treats, cuddles, toys, and the undivided attention of our team of canine specialists.

Is it necessary for you to meet my dog prior to their first stay?

Every client must undergo a complimentary behavioral assessment before they can enroll in our daycare program.

Who is responsible for overseeing my dog while they are staying at Paw Haven?

Our team undergoes thorough training, blending classroom learning with practical on-the-job experience. They vigilantly oversee each play session, guaranteeing your dog’s happiness and health. Additionally, we conduct wellness checks on your pooch twice daily for added care.

Does Paw Haven accept dogs with special needs?

At our dog daycare in Reseda, we’re equipped to cater to the distinctive needs of each canine guest. However, we recommend contacting our reservation specialist to discuss specific requirements, ensuring their stay with us is as seamless as possible.

What are Paw Haven’s dog daycare hours?

Mon – Fri: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

Sat – Sun: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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