Dog Boarding in Panorama City

 When you’re on the move, why not treat your four-legged friend to a delightful getaway? Planning a trip? Ensure your furry friend is well cared for. Book dog boarding in Panorama City today for a worry-free vacation!  At Paw Haven, we’re committed to ensuring that their experience is as plush and pampering as any top-notch retreat. Dive into a realm where canines aren’t just boarded, but celebrated! 🐾

Experience Your Next Best Stay 

Does your search history look something like “Dog Boarding in Panorama City” or “Kennels Near Me”? Say no more! Paw Haven is the perfect answer to your canine conundrums. In Panorama City, our modern facility is more than just a kennel; it’s a lavish retreat complete with spa indulgences for your furry friend.

At Paw Haven, we’ve crafted an array of boarding options and add-ons to ensure your pup has a tail-wagging experience. Our passionate staff is dedicated to raising the bar in pet care, making each moment a paw-positive delight.

Making Paw Haven a Paw Heaven

We understand the emotional tug when it’s time to part ways with your fur baby, even if it’s just for a short while. When you choose dog boarding in Panorama City, you can leave on your vacation or business trip with peace of mind, knowing Paw Haven offers unparalleled care for your canine companion.

Our team focuses not just on your pet’s safety but also on their comfort. Our specially designed play areas featuring soft epoxy flooring allow your dog to roam around without worrying about their paws or joints.

Moreover, our open-space facility allows your pup the freedom to socialize and stretch, unlike the confinements of traditional kennels. And the cherry on top? We maintain a serene atmosphere with medical-grade air purifiers and soothing background tunes, ensuring Paw Haven stands out as the epitome of doggie luxury.

Dog Boarding in Winnetka

Select Your Overnight Package 

At Paw Haven, we offer three distinct boarding options for you to choose from.

Give us a call to learn more about booking your dog’s upcoming retreat in Panorama City!

Dog Boarding Panorama City
Dog Boarding in Panorama City
Dog Boarding Near Panorama

The Dog Slumber Party,

$70/Per Night. A large suite with a social experience for your pup!

The Private Suite

$80/Per Night. A comfortable, clean, 8' by 3.5' place for your dog to rest.

Private Penthouse

$105/Per Night. These fully decorated rooms come fitted with toddler beds and toddler couches. The rooms vary in size, ranging from 9’ x 9’ to 13’ x 7’

Holidays: Additional $10/per night

Extended day discount (Excludes Holiday Weekends):

  • 5 nights, 5% off
  • 10 nights, 10% off
  • 20 nights, 20% off

Each additional dog $10 off total, per night (Excludes Holiday Weekends)

*2 dogs in shared private room, take $10 off per night.

*3 dogs in shared private room, take $20 off per night.

*Multiple dog and long term stay discounts cannot be combined. The larger of the two discounts shall be applied.

Check In Times

Check-in time is 12pm.  Early check-in will be an additional daycare charge-either hourly or half day charge depending on how early.

Check-out time is 12pm.  Late check out will be an hourly, half day or full day daycare charge depending on checkout time.

Latest checkout is 6pm daily.

Add Ons to Howl Over

Give them the treatment they deserve!

Luxury Spa & Grooming

Ensuring your pup is fully pampered before pickup

Tricks & Training

At Paw Haven, our trainers are on hand to assist in guiding your four-legged friend

Shuttle for Dogs

Need a Lift? Our puppy shuttle is ready to assist around the Panorama City area

Scrumptious Snacks

We keep tails wagging at Paw Haven with scrumptious treats that owners endorse!

Up-to-Date Reports

When you opt for dog boarding in Panorama City, stay updated on every detail of their stay with our tailored reports!

One-On-One Playtime

We provide one-on-one play sessions with our staff to help your furry companion into new environments

Leg Day

Even though we skip leg day, let’s not deprive your pup from an enriching walk around the area

Party Planning

Honor your furry friend’s special day at Paw Haven; we’d be thrilled to be a part of it!

Doggo Desserts

Spoil them with our delicious dog-safe desserts during their stay!

Administering Medication

Leave it to our meticulous crew to diligently administer any medication your dog may need during their stay

Serenity & Sleep

Sleep is important for both humans and dogs, so we offer calming surround sound and white noise machines to ease your pup to sleep

Have you been scouring the web for the perfect “Dog Hotel” or “Nearby Dog Boarding” in Panorama City? Your search ends here! At Paw Haven, we aim to give your dog the ultimate boarding experience.

For a deeper dive into what our facility offers, please reach out. We promise, we’re all bark and no bite!

Raising the Dog Boarding Bar

What Our Owners Should Know About Paw Haven:

Although cage-free, our open-space campus is always monitored and cared for by our dedicated staff.

Before finalizing your pup’s stay, we suggest taking a tour of our premises to aid in selecting the ideal package and additional amenities!

We suggest a full day of doggie daycare for an effortless and relaxed shift into their night with us. 

Planning an extended overnight visit? We suggest a farewell bath, ensuring your four-legged pal returns home feeling refreshed and spotless!

We’re equipped with cozy blankets and comfortable sofas, so there’s no need for additional items or toys. However, if your pup requires medication, please inform us beforehand so we can accommodate accordingly.

Kindly supply sufficient dog food for the duration of the stay. It’s good to maintain their regular diet to avoid any potential digestive issues. 

Looking to board during the Holidays? Secure a spot for your furry friend ahead of time when you choose Paw Haven’s dog boarding in Panorama City!

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