Dog Boarding in North Hollywood

A premier dog boarding and pet daycare in North Hollywood where pets love to stay and play

Welcome to Paw Haven: Dog Hotel Heaven 

Does your browser history look like “Dog Boarding in North Hollywood” or “Kennels Near Me”? If this sounds like you, your search can finally come to an end when you choose to board at Paw Haven Hotel: your dog’s next best stay. With our fully equipped dog hotel, doggie spa services, and dog-loving staff, we ensure your best friend’s experience in North Hollywood will be pure bliss.

Here at Paw Haven, we offer a wide variety of boarding packages and add-ons to delight your furry friend’s visit with us. Furthermore, our doggie experts work assiduously to guarantee that every dog’s needs are met above and beyond while dog boarding in North Hollywood.

Fabulous Dog Boarding in North Hollywood

We love dogs just as much as you do, so we understand the hardships you face when parting with your furry friend. When you choose dog boarding in North Hollywood, you can tend to your  vacation or business trip without a doubt that Paw Haven is the perfect place to care for your fur baby.

Not only does our highly trained staff ensure the safety of your pup, but our supervised and epoxy floor play areas also make certain your buddy has fun while keeping those joints cushioned!

Our cage-free facility allows your dog to roam free, unliked stuffy kennels that keep man’s best friend locked up all day. Plus, our advanced medical-grade air filtration system and soothing music keep Paw Haven’s environment in tip-top shape!

Dog Boarding in Winnetka

Select Your Boarding Package 

We offer three different unique boarding experiences to choose from here at Paw Haven.

Call us to learn more about booking your pal’s next stay in North Hollywood

dog boarding and pet daycare North Hollywood
dog boarding and pet daycare North Hollywood
dog boarding and pet daycare North Hollywood

The Dog Slumber Party,

$70/Per Night. A large suite with a social experience for your pup!

The Private Suite

$80/Per Night. A comfortable, clean, 8' by 3.5' place for your dog to rest.

Private Penthouse

$105/Per Night. These fully decorated rooms come fitted with toddler beds and toddler couches. The rooms vary in size, ranging from 9’ x 9’ to 13’ x 7’

Holidays: Additional $10/per night

Extended day discount (Excludes Holiday Weekends):

  • 5 nights, 5% off
  • 10 nights, 10% off
  • 20 nights, 20% off

Each additional dog $10 off total, per night (Excludes Holiday Weekends)

*2 dogs in shared private room, take $10 off per night.

*3 dogs in shared private room, take $20 off per night.

*Multiple dog and long term stay discounts cannot be combined. The larger of the two discounts shall be applied.

Check In Times

Check-in time is 12pm.  Early check-in will be an additional daycare charge-either hourly or half day charge depending on how early.

Check-out time is 12pm.  Late check out will be an hourly, half day or full day daycare charge depending on checkout time.

Latest checkout is 6pm daily.

Howl Over these Add-ons

Spoil them! They’re on vacation after all

Quality Grooming and Spa Service

Allow us to pamper your pup before their visit comes to a close

Train Hard, Play Harder

Our experienced instructors are ready to lend a paw if your buddy is in need of any training, or if you just want to teach an old dog some fancy new tricks.

Beep Beep! Shuttle Coming Through!

Does your pup need a lift? Our shuttles are available to pick up and drop off to our facticity around the North Hollywood area.

Scrumptious Snacks

Mmmm! Delicious owner-approved treats are coming your way! Let’s keep those tails wagging!

Breaking News: Puppy Report Cards

When dog boarding at North Hollywood’s Paw Haven Facility, owners can be up-to-date with everything their doggie is up to via customizable reports!

Individual Playtime

If your pup struggles to adjust to new environments, we can provide one-on-one playtime with our staff to help them feel secure and ready to be themselves

Let’s Go for a Walk

It’s time to go outside and stretch those legs in the sun! We’ll take your friend on an enriching walk right here in North Hollywood

Your Personal Party Planners

When it comes to your partner’s special day, we’ve got birthday parties covered

Doggo Desserts

Does your bud have a sweet tooth? Our mouthwatering certified dog-safe desserts will do just the trick!

Administration of Medicine

If your dog is currently on medication, we are certified to administer it for you while your away

A Good Night’s Rest

Our in house white noise machines produce calming music and surround sound to ease your pup right to bed

If you’ve been surfing the web for the perfect “Dog Hotel” or “Dog Boarding Location Near Me” in the North Hollywood area, allow us to step in. We don’t bite! Our mission is to provide you and your furry friend with the ultimate boarding experience. Furthermore, to learn more or schedule a visit, just give us a call!

To learn more or schedule a visit, we encourage you to please contact us. We won’t bite!

Our Dog Boarding is Cage-Free & Fully Supervised

What to Know About Paw Haven:

Our cage-free dog boarding in North Hollywood experience is fully supervised and cared for by our 100% dedicated Paw Haven staff

Before booking your fur baby’s stay, we strongly recommend taking an in-depth tour of our dog boarding facility, so we can help you pick the boarding package and add-ons that’s best for your pup!

In addition, we encourage a full day of doggie daycare to make a smooth and stress-free  transition into their overnight stay with us. Might we also suggest an exit bath to pamper your pup before their stay comes to a close? Let us know, and your right hand man will feel like a puppy again!

If you choose a multiple night slumber party, we highly suggest an exit bath. That way your doggie will be fresh and clean and ready to go home!

With blankets and countless cozy couches supplied by us, there’s no need to bring additional items or toys from home; however, if your canine friend is currently on medication, let us know in advance so we can arrange for medicine administration during the visit

We must ask that you supply us with an adequate amount of dog food to last the duration of the visit. Be sure to bring food that your dog eats on a regular basis, for we don’t want a change in diet to result in tummy trouble

Please plan according if you are looking to board around major holidays, as we tend to book quite quickly. Be sure to give us a call and secure a spot at Paw Haven hotel: dog boarding in North Hollywood

Dog Boarding

From our premier facility to our experienced and highly-trained staff, we work hard to ensure that your dog’s overnight stay is excellent


Instead of worrying about where their owners are, your dog can enjoy playing, getting cuddles, and lots of attention from our expert dog daycare team

Dog Grooming

We use only the finest dog-safe all-natural shampoos, dyes, and conditioners here at Paw Haven

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