Dog Boarding in North Hills

Planning a vacation and need the perfect place for your furry friend? Secure your booking today for reassurance and a happy, pampered pup! Indulge your beloved pet with exceptional care by arranging their upcoming fantastic stay at Paw Haven! Experience trusted dog boarding services in North Hills! Your furry friend’s home away from home. Book a stay for ultimate care and comfort.

Welcome to Paw Haven

If your search history is filled with “Dog Boarding in North Hills” or “Kennels Near Me”, look no further! Paw Haven is the ultimate solution for all your pet care requirements. Serving North Hills and neighboring regions, our state-of-the-art facility transcends typical kennel expectations – it’s the utopia for dogs.

We provide various boarding choices and extra treats to guarantee your dog’s delight. Our enthusiastic team commits to exceptional pet care, turning each second into a reason for boundless furry joy.

Meet Your Next Best Stay

We completely empathize with the challenge of leaving your pet, even for a short while. Opting for dog boarding in North Hills means you can go about on your travels with peace of mind, assured that your dog is receiving exceptional care at Paw Haven.

Our team prioritizes your fur baby’s comfort and happiness. Our customized play zones, with soft epoxy flooring, allow your pet to play without any concern for their paws or joints.

Moreover, Paw Haven’s expansive, cage-free experience promotes socializing and offers ample space for your dog to explore, a refreshing change from the confined quarters of traditional kennels. For added tranquility, we’ve crafted a calming atmosphere with sophisticated air purification and soothing background music, making Paw Haven a true paradise for dogs.

Are you ready to provide your pup with a vacation of their own? Discover top-tier dog boarding in North Hills! Our devoted team guarantees a secure, snug, and entertaining setting for your companion. Book now and give your dog an unforgettable tail-wagging stay!

Dog Boarding in Winnetka

Choose Your Boarding Package

Paw Haven presents the perfect trio: three unique boarding choices for your selection.

Reach out to us for more information about arranging your dog’s next getaway!

Dog Boarding North Hills
Dog Boarding in North Hills
Dog Boarding Near North Hills

The Dog Slumber Party,

$70/Per Night. A large suite with a social experience for your pup!

The Private Suite

$80/Per Night. A comfortable, clean, 8' by 3.5' place for your dog to rest.

Private Penthouse

$105/Per Night. These fully decorated rooms come fitted with toddler beds and toddler couches. The rooms vary in size, ranging from 9’ x 9’ to 13’ x 7’

Holidays: Additional $10/per night

Extended day discount (Excludes Holiday Weekends):

  • 5 nights, 5% off
  • 10 nights, 10% off
  • 20 nights, 20% off

Each additional dog $10 off total, per night (Excludes Holiday Weekends)

*2 dogs in shared private room, take $10 off per night.

*3 dogs in shared private room, take $20 off per night.

*Multiple dog and long term stay discounts cannot be combined. The larger of the two discounts shall be applied.

Check In Times

Check-in time is 12pm.  Early check-in will be an additional daycare charge-either hourly or half day charge depending on how early.

Check-out time is 12pm.  Late check out will be an hourly, half day or full day daycare charge depending on checkout time.

Latest checkout is 6pm daily.

Tail Wagging Add-Ons

Give them the love they deserve!

Paw Haven Spa

Treat your dog to a day at the Paw Haven Spa when you choose dog boarding in North Hills

Professional Training

At Paw Haven, our skilled trainers stand ready to mentor and assist your pup or older fella

Puppy Shuttle

Looking for transportation? Our puppy shuttle service is available on demand throughout the North Hills area

Owner-Approved Snacks

We delight our guests with tasty snacks that have earned the paw-seal of approval from their owners!

Personalized Report Cards

Choose dog boarding in North Hills and stay fully informed about every aspect of their stay with our customized updates!

Quality Playtime

Our team offers personalized playtime to gently familiarize your pet with their new surroundings

Walk Around the Neighborhood

Even if we occasionally overlook leg day, we make sure your dog enjoys a hearty walk around the block!

Birthday Parties

Celebrating milestones is important! Count on us to make your dog’s birthday an unforgettable occasion

Dog Safe Delights

The delicious, owner-endorsed treats we provide are sure to enhance their stay with added delight!

Handling Medicine

Trust in our attentive team to carefully manage your dog’s medication requirements throughout their stay with us

Rest & Relaxation

Sleep is important, so we provide serene surround sound and white noise machines to lull your pup into a peaceful slumber

Searching the web for the ideal “Dog Hotel” or “Local Dog Boarding” in North Hills? Look no further than Paw Haven! We’re committed to providing your pet with an unparalleled boarding experience.

To discover more about our services, please contact us. 

Transforming the Dog Boarding Experience

What Owners Should Know About Us:

Our spacious facility is cage-free and always under the vigilant supervision and care of our dedicated team.

We recommend a visit to our premises before deciding on your dog’s accommodation, helping you choose the perfect package and add-ons!

We recommend a full day of doggie daycare for a smooth and stress-free introduction to their overnight stay with us.

Consider scheduling a departure bath for longer stays, so your furry friend comes home fresh and sparkling clean!

Our center is furnished with comfortable blankets and plush sofas, eliminating the need for extra items or toys. However, if your dog needs medication, please let us know in advance so we can appropriately organize their care.

To avoid any digestive issues and maintain their regular diet, please provide us with enough of your dog’s usual food for the length of their stay.

Plan ahead for the holiday season and book your furry companion’s stay at Paw Haven’s dog boarding in North Hills, for we fill up quick!

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Daycare Lake Balboa

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